Negotiations Updates

The year 2021 has expired and is now in the past. It will be remembered for continuous chaos in the rail industry.
PSR still rules the day, but we are beginning to see modest recalls and some hiring. We still are seeing resignations at a level uncommon in the industry.

The FRA mask mandate remains intact and appears that there will be no changes in the immediate future. With Covid cases on the rise and new variants, this mandate is probably with us for some time. Please remain diligent and be as safe as possible and remember that virus is still active, and the new variants continue to evolve.

National negotiations are once again being conducted in face-to-face meetings. Meetings are scheduled for January 19 and 20. Hopefully, progress can be made, and we will have the info we can share.

We are currently in Mediation with Evansville Western Railroad. The NMB continues to be under travel restrictions, so, these mediated sessions continue to be held via video conference. District 19 is negotiating with a coalition.

James Orwan is leading the negotiations for the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Septa and New Jersey Transit. A tentative agreement was presented to the membership of Buffalo and Pittsburgh and rejected. James working with Septa Local Chairman Michael Murphy has reached a tentative agreement with Septa and will be scheduling a ratification vote. James, assisted by Local Chairman Mark Perez has ratified an agreement with New Jersey Transit. Thank you to Michael and James for all the time and effort to assist in negotiations.

Montana Rail Link Negotiation coalition has reached a tentative agreement with the Carrier. The coalition will be holding joint meetings to present to the members and prepare for ratification.

John Denny is the lead negotiator for the CP SOO, CP D&H, and DM&E. Negotiations are being conducted via video and remain challenging.

Juan Estrada has completed negotiations with the San Joaquin Valley Railroad and ratified the agreement.

After a long and frustrating negotiation with Metra, a tentative agreement was reached and ratified. We were with a strong coalition and participated in an informational picket outside the Metra headquarters in Chicago. Thanks to all our members from other Locals who participated. Josh Hartford and Heath Jacobs were instrumental in the
negotiations with assistance from Shaun O’Conner and Dave May. Meetings will be held with Metra to secure an implementing agreement for the UP shop being turned over to Metra.

I have been assisting the General Chairman in all negotiations. Negotiations continue to be difficult with most of the Carriers and challenging with Covid and PSR.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Kyle Loos
Assistant President Directing General Chairman