IAM District 19 Members Ratify Strong Agreement at South Central Florida Express

Jason Gibbs from District 19 of the IAM Rail Division recently overwhelmingly ratified a three-year contract for South Central Florida Express in Clewiston, FL. South Central Florida Express delivers sugar cane that is grown in this area of Florida. 

The contract covers members that work in the Instructor Engineer, Certified Engineer, Conductor, Utility Worker, Trackman, Equipment Operator, Tamper/Loader Operator, Foreman, Mechanic, and EDI Clerk job classifications. 

The contract negotiations took many turns and the negotiation teams were taking steps to go to mediation. 

The negotiation teams went back to the table one last time and came back to the members with a better Tentative Agreement. The agreement was ratified on February 2, 2023.

The agreement ratified by a 98% vote and with a 95% of participation by the members voting on this contract. Congratulations to the members of South Central Florida Express, District 19 and the IAM Rail Division for this hard work.