The time has finally come to make your voice heard on the second Tentative Agreement with the National Carriers Conference Committee. You can vote online from now until Friday, November 4 at 5 p.m. ET.

Eligible voters have been mailed the National Agreement Ratification Packet, which includes voting instructions. We have also created an instructional video to answer your questions on the online voting system.

We understand this vote is an important decision for you and your families. Here are some items your IAM District 19 Leadership team put together to answer any questions you might have about the second Tentative Agreement. As always, please contact your serving General Chairman with any further questions. Please take the time to exercise your vote.

·                 Got a Question about the New Tentative Agreement? We Have Answers.

·                 How the New Tentative Agreement Protects Against Healthcare Cost Increases

·                 The Facts: Wage + Bonus Increases in Our New Tentative Agreement EXCEED Record Inflation

·                 We Want to Hear From You About How We Can Fix the Carriers’ Overtime Policies