We’ve heard from so many of you about how the carriers are pushing our members beyond their limits through overtime assignments. Working long hours with little notification is putting you and the general public at risk.

That’s why IAM District Lodge 19 insisted on a joint overtime study with the National Railway Labor Conference in the new, improved Tentative Agreement. And thanks to your strength and solidarity—and the fact that we were able to go back to the table to negotiate a better agreement—District 19 is the only rail union with this overtime study in our TA.

If the new, improved TA is ratified, the carriers will be required to begin a joint review of overtime assignments with District 19 within 120 days.

We will highlight the lack of notification management gives our members when they are forced to work beyond their regular shift, requiring our members to rely on unhealthy vending machine options. We’ll also use the study to demand that the carriers take action to remedy the large reduction in the workforce that has created this mandatory overtime crisis in the first place.

We need input and stories from our members to ensure that we hold the carriers accountable and demand real change in overtime policies.

That’s why we want to hear from you.

Click here to tell us your stories about how you would fix overtime policies, and how the carriers’ mandatory overtime procedures have negatively affected you and your family.

Remember, we only get this joint overtime study if we vote “yes” to ratify the new, improved TA. Refer back to the National Agreement Ratification Packet and please, make your voice heard during online ratification voting from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4. Your servicing District 19 General Chairman is here to answer any and all questions.